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grufo - with a grat haircut!

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Whenever I am not sitting in front of my computer, I am likely to be riding my mountain-bike in our local mountains. And we Tyrolians are blessed with lots of them. The alternatives are: relaxing, doing nothing, recovering from various fall-offs with the bike, riding my motor-bike and - most recently - driving my Smart Roadster Coupe. Having told you about my daytime activities, I must admit that I am a frequent guest at Tscharly's - if you should ever come to Kufstein: There is no other homely place like that and the Long-Island-Icetea is not to be detested - if you manage to get hold of one...

As a rule, I only do some programming, if I have to do a certain task more than once - as insiders might have already guessed, I am an administrator. My favourite is Perl or the good old bash, but I have also become fond of PHP - which is ideal for certain purposes. What I like best of all is to be locked up in a room with several computers, avoiding all contact with moving objects - except for a pizza (...preferrable with a pool with a view over the sea and some drinks)

More than 10 years ago I made my first experiences with UNIX (AIX, later SINIX), then switched over to DOS/Windows and later thoroughly checked up Novell - but somehow I returned to NT & Co., before I discovered Linux. Since then I have been one of the rare exemplars of admins who use the suitable operation system for various purposes. What I appreciate most of all, is that you can acquire some essential background know-how very easily with Linux and make use of it whenever a problem arises - the transparency of Linux has already saved a lot of time and provided me with several cognitive effects.


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It all started with a MAC. That was in 1988. Gradually, clicking for fun turned into a more serious occupation. Several os later I ended up with web design - and with Linux. What fascinated me about Apple and still does even today - easy usability and clear design.

And that is excactly the reason why I've taken part in ANDReA - because I feel that a smart idea also has to have a smart face.

What I might be doing, whenever I'm not sitting in front of my pc? Every now and then I check my system performance by climbing mountains or snowboarding. Sometimes, I clear my memory, while enjoying the fruits of the vintagers' art. Or I simply switch over into stand-by mode, after my cpu has been benchmarked too much during the week.

paranoid (yes the little one is the genius!)

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After 3 years of strictly saving my pocket money, I was able to purchase my first computer in 1986 - a commodore 64. I got started with Basic and Simon Basic and took up a little Assembler. When I went to study at university in 1992, I had my "breadbox" replaced by a PC (a 486 with 64 MB RAM and 200 MB hard drive). I started programming on my PC with Pascal, which I had acquired during the first term at university. In 1999 I joined an online clan ( The homepage, which had been built by one of our clan-members, became my gateway to HTML, PHP and MySQL, due to my personal motto: Let's try and see what happens ;-) Yet, I have never got above the status of a casual programmer.

In 2000 I happened to meet some Lan-Party organisers in my hometown. It all started with 6 people in the basement and two years later we organized our biggest lan so far - for 150 people. After the Erfurt killings we were denied a location at school, and we have to rely on a room provided by our local Catholic community. Due to the limited space we can only have two Lans in a year with 70 - 100 people. My special job is to care for the server and the network. In the past seven years I have assembled and configurated 7 computers, which have come to provide for 90 % of the servers at the Megalon-LAN ( This was where I had my first experiences with Linux, and I'm still gaining insights, as mentioned by grufo. The more I work with it, the better I like it. But so far, I haven't switched over completely.

One day, a member of the orga-team of my offline-clan ( came across ANDReA. I was impressed by the idea of creating such a tool, and after some tests we decided to use ANDReA. Since I didn't want to use it as a "black box" , I was annoyed at the short, insufficient manual. That's why I asked, if I could offer any assistance. Now, I'm a member of the team and I have added my first small contribution to version 0.0.7.